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Get Essential Oils - the Smart Way!

I've been a lifestyle essential oil user/essential oil educator for a few years now - what can I say, I love 'em

But before I was introduced to dōTERRA, I didn't realize that there is a BETTER way than getting over-the-counter essential oils at the local health store. Way better.

Like, way way waaaaaaay better.

Like save-you-money-and-uplevel-your-health-and-change-your-life-FOREVER-better.

What I'm talking about isn't some magical super-secret health coaches-only club - how I get my essential oils is accessible to EVERYONE. And that means you!

Read on, and let me show you how you can get your hands on Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils - the smart way. 🙌🏼🌿💦✨

Get Essential Oils - the Smart Way!

How To Use Essential Oils (A Crash Course For Beginners)

"Essential oils? More like snake oils!" you might be thinking. 🐍


When we're new or unfamiliar to something, often our defenses can be up and we might have preconceived ideas.

For the sake of learning, I'm going to ask you to check your reservations in at the door and open yourself up to learn some new things today! Everything we're going to cover is 1) backed by science and 2) has the potential to change your life

So, let's get started, shall we? 😉

How To Use Essential Oils (A Crash Course For Beginners)

Meet Happy Healthy Joe, Integrative Health Coach

Want to be your happiest, healthiest self?


When you think about who you are now and what you want to become, does it feel overwhelming?

Don't even sweat it! I'm here to walk you through that journey, step by step. One drip at a time.


Maybe you want to...

  • Eat healthier.

  • Sleep better.

  • Live greener.

  • Be more positive.

  • Create more balance.

  • Fuel your passion!

No matter where you are on your happy, healthy journey, you have to start somewhere! And, as I've learned from my own experience, here and now is the perfect place to start.

Meet Happy Healthy Joe, Integrative Health Coach

5 of The Best Things from the dōTERRA One Convention!

September is one of my favorite months of the year. And, there's several reasons why!

  1. It's my birthday month! I'm a Virgo baby!
  2. The weather. I love the transition from sweaty summer to cool fall.
  3. The annual dōTERRA Convention is held in Salt Lake City!

I got to fly up to Salt Lake for a week of fun with some of my Happy Healthy Community friends to experience the dōTERRA One Convention! This is my second time attending dōTERRA's annual Convention and, needless to say, this time did NOT disappoint. With over 30,000 attendees, science forums, special keynote speakers, musical performances (Colbie Callait, anyone?), and a massive product showcase, it was pretty rad. If you get the chance to go to dōTERRA's Convention, DO IT!

5 of The Best Things from the dōTERRA One Convention!

Get Creative with this Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

The creative process can be hard. 

It can be exhausting. It can be a lot of work. I mean, a lot of times it's really satisfying. But sometimes it feels a lot like banging your head against the wall over and over again, trying to make the ideas come out.

As a creative professional, I get it. I love what I do. I really do! But I am also acutely aware how much of a buzzkill creative blocks are. On occasion client work can be akin to torture, and there are even times that writing for my own blog feels like I'm milking an empty udder.

Okay, enough with the dramatic, painful metaphors. 

Personally, no matter what creative endeavor I pursue, I've found that I set myself up for success by having creative rituals. There's something about paying attention to little details that facilitates focused, creative action.

One thing that's really helped me get into my groove and be my most productive self is diffusing essential oils.

Get Creative with this Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

An Essential Oil Diffuser Blend to Try Tonight

After a long day, I'm all about utilizing routines to unwind. One of my pre-bedtime rituals is diffusing essential oils!

Essential oils have some pretty phenomenal properties that can affect us physically and emotionally, so I like to choose oils that support me and what my body and mind needs.

An Essential Oil Diffuser Blend to Try Tonight