Live Your Truth: An Essential Oil Blend To Celebrate Pride Month

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UPDATE: DUE to limited resources, White FIR essential oil is no longer available. Scroll down for an updated recipe!

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“Live authentically. Live your truth.” - Neale Donald Walsch

The month of June holds a special place in my heart, because it's LGBTQ Pride month!

LGBTQ Pride embodies a movement of positivity and love:

  • it takes a positive stance against discrimination and violence

  • it promotes self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights,

  • it builds community,

  • and it celebrates diversity.

For me, this month is an opportunity for me to celebrate my personal journey of self-discovery and healing. 

I created this Live Your Truth essential oil blend to celebrate my personal journey to love myself unconditionally and to live my truth. 

Regardless of what sexual orientation or gender identity you are aligned with, or if you consider yourself an LGBTQ ally, this blend is for you!

Based on emotional properties and chemical profiles, I chose essential oils that empower, support emotional healing, and invite love! This combination of essential oils uplifts, improves moods, and has a celebratory intention!

Scroll down and read on for Live Your Truth essential oil blend recipe and learn why I chose the oils for this blend!

Live Your Truth doTERRA Essential Oil Blend to Celebrate Gay Pride Month | Happy Healthy Joe | Joe Struhs, INHC

Live Your Truth Essential Oil Blend

  • 3 drops Frankincense essential oil

  • 2 drops Bergamot essential oil

  • 1 drop Lime essential oil

  • 3 drops Geranium essential oil

  • 2 drops Siberian Fir essential oil (this recipe originally called for White Fir, but due to limited resources this essential oil is no longer available)

In a 10mL roller bottle (the one pictured here is a Luxe Roller from EOS), add the essential oils, top off with fractionated coconut oil, and cap with the gemstone rollerball.

To use, inhale, apply to aromatherapy pulse points (like the inside of the wrist or over your heart), and pair with an affirmation for added positive reinforcement!

Truth: Frankincense Essential Oil

Renowned as one of the most prized and precious essential oils, Frankincense essential oil is aptly known as "The Essential Oil of Truth."

Distilled from resin from Boswellia carterii, frereana, and sacra, it promotes feelings of peace and overall wellness when used aromatically and is known for supporting cellular regeneration. Using this essential oil invites you to let go of lower vibrations and negativity.

Self-Acceptance: Bergamot Essential Oil

The essential oil of self-acceptance, Bergamot essential oil is simultaneously calming and uplifting. This essential oil is cold-pressed from rind of the delicate Italian bergamot plant, and is used in aromatherapy for support with anxious and sad feelings.

The uplifting aroma relieves feelings of despair and low-self esteem and invites you to live life with more optimism. 

Zest for Life: Lime Essential Oil

Refreshing and energizing, Lime essential oil imbues the soul with a zest for life! Lime helps elevate you above the weight of discouragement or grief, and instills courage, cheer, and gratitude.

Love: Geranium Essential Oil

Known as "Poor Man's Rose," Geranium essential oil fosters confidence and trust, and opens you up to love and human connection. 

In emotional aromatherapy, Geranium essential oil encourages emotional honesty and nurtures your inner-child.

Perspective & Generational Healing: Siberian Fir Essential Oil

Derived from the needles of the Siberian Fir tree, Siberian Fir essential oil is known for evoking feelings of stability, energy, empowerment, and comfort.

Emotionally, White Fir essential oil addresses generational issues, helping you unearth and process negative patterns and gently assess your life choices, influence, and legacy.


There's something I like to call the dōTERRA difference. 

More than any other essential oil company I've come across, dōTERRA goes out of their way to provide the most purepotent, and therapeutically beneficial essential oils. 

dōTERRA employs a self-imposed standard for purity called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade - all of dōTERRA's essential oils must meet this standard to be sold and used. In order to be labeled Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (or CPTG for short), a batch of essential oil must pass eight different tests- read up more on the process here!

Because of this testing process, you can be confident that dōTERRA essential oils are safe, pure, and effective to use in the ways described above and why I choose to use them in my integrative health coaching practice. 

Each essential bottle also includes a Quality ID # that you can use to track where your oil was sourced and view the GC/MS test results for the batch. How cool is that?!

From my experience, dōTERRA essential oils are the best out there.


Learn how you can get your hands on some of my favorite essential oils here, and don't forget to get your FREE essential oil guide!

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