Use Manuka And Litsea to Manifest Your Passion

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I was extremely fortunate to get my hands on dōTERRA's Mānuka and Litsea essential oils several months ago thanks to my friend The Aromamixologist. At the time of writing this blog post, these two essential oils are currently unavailable in the United States. My friend had a connection with a dōTERRA distributor based out of Australia, so I was lucky to be able to add these two powerful essential oils to my collection!

This month only, if you're in the US you can get both of these essential oils for FREE if you get started with dōTERRA with a qualifying enrollment kit! You can see some of my favorite qualifying enrollment kits above, or click here to explore more options.

Although both of these essential oils offer some incredible physical support, I've personally used them to help up-level my mindset during times of transition and personal development and to help stay committed to my personal vision and goals.


Below, I'm going to...

  • Discuss some of the physical benefits of both Mānuka and Litsea essential oils.

  • Share how these two essential oils offer emotional support.

  • Give you one of my favorite essential oil blends to help manifest my passion, dreams, and goals!

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It never ceases to amaze me the kind of power essential oils can have on our mood and mindset. When I first started using essential oils, the shifts and changes I experienced physically and emotionally were incredible - which is why I can't help but share them.

Mānuka and Litsea essential oils have some very unique chemical compositions which not only offer some very specific, targeted physical support, but even more unique are how they can support us emotionally and spiritually.

If you're new to essential oils or want to get started with them, the two blog posts linked below are super helpful!

Scroll to the end for my Manifestion Roller Blend that features both Mānuka and Litsea essential oil!


dōTERRA's New Zealand Mānuka essential oil is steam distilled from the flowers, leaves, and stems of the Mānuka tree. It comes from the myrtle family of plants, the same family as tea tree and eucalyptus plants. Though it starts out a shrub, it can sometimes grow into a tree reaching around 49 feet. Every part of the manuka plant has been used in traditional health practices by the Maori. You may already recognize the word “manuka” because of Manuka honey, which is from the hives of bees that pollinate the manuka tree’s flowers.

The fragrant is rich, with spicy and herbaceous notes that can help reduce stress, center emotions, promote relaxation, as well as cleansing the air. Used topically, it can help promote smooth, healthy-looking skin and calm redness and occasional blemishes.

Ways To Use Mānuka for Physical Support

  • Diffuse during meditation to center emotions and mood.

  • Combine with water in a spray bottle to freshen the air.

  • Add 1–2 drops to your favorite cleanser or toner to maintain the appearance of a smooth, clear complexion.

Ways to Use Mānuka for Emotional Support

Emotionally, Mānuka essential oil is the Oil of Being Upheld. The Mānuka tree, also the source of Mānuka honey (which is used widely in holistic healing practices and integrative nutrition), is a powerful plant - the distilled essential oil offers many of these benefits in a concentrated liquid form. 

From one of my favorite essential oil references, Emotions & Essential Oils (2017 Sixth Edition), "The gift of Mānuka is in its role in transmuting suffering into transcendence. Its special alchemy transforms lower states of consciousness into higher vibrations and awareness."

Personally, I've turned to Mānuka for support in times of healing and transition, when I've needed some extra feeling of support making difficult transitions, as well as to help promote healthy boundaries in relationships.

Some ways I've used Mānuka in times of need:


Litsea essential oil is derived from Litsea cubeba, an evergreen shrub belonging to the Lauracaeae family. It has a bright, energizing, citrusy/spicy aroma with a wide range of aromatic uses.

Native to East Asia, Litsea has a history of traditional use by the indigineous people Taiwan and spread throughout Japan, Taiwan, Southern China, and Southeastern Asia.

What makes Litsea unique is its high content of geranial and neral, giving it potent cleansing and clarifying properties. Other essential oils that contain gernaial and neral are Melissa and Lemongrass, which have similar scents and properties.

Ways To Use LITSEA for Physical Support

  • Diffuse to promote feelings of balance and sustained energy throughout the day.

  • Incorporate Litsea into your daily supplement routine for antioxidant support. Litsea promotes the health of the cardiovascular, immune, nervous, and respiratory systems.

  • Use a spot treatment at night to help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

Ways to Use Litsea for Emotional Support

Emotionally, Litsea essential oil is the Oil of Manifestation. If you find yourself having big dreams and goals, but paralyzed with fear, indecisiveness, or suffer from Imposters Syndrome, Litsea essential oil can be a powerful oil to shift you into a mindset of empowered action.

Again, from Emotions & Essential Oils (2017 Sixth Edition), "Litsea instills courage to face the fear that comes immediately after inspiration. It reminds individuals that it takes leaps of faith into the unknown to manifest what has been previously unrealized."

Personally, I've turned to Litsea for support when I find my fear and scarcity mindset take the rains and cloud my vision of my potential. Smelling Litsea's scent, I can physically and emotionally feel an immediate shift in my energy and feel a rush of onward-and-upward momentum!

Some ways I've used Litsea in times of need:


I personally love using this roller blend when I'm sitting down to plan out my week, set monthly intentions, or when I'm updating my vision board. This unique blend is bright, happy, and energizing while providing with the perfect amount of focus and clarity.

In a 10mL roller bottle (I love the Luxe Rollers from EOS), add the essential oils, top off with fractionated coconut oil, and cap with the gemstone rollerball.

To use, inhale, apply to aromatherapy pulse points (like the inside of the wrist or over your heart), and pair with an affirmation for added positive reinforcement!

Joe Struhs, INHC | Happy Healthy Joe | Certified Integrative Health Coach


I am a Certified Integrative Health Coach and essential oil educator based out of Los Angeles and Salt Lake City! As a Health Coach, I combine nutrition, positive psychology, and science-backed self-care for all-natural mood support. 

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