Get Essential Oils - the Smart Way!

Get Essential Oils - the Smart Way!

AKA, How I Got Started With dōTERRA Essential Oils And You Should, Too

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I've been a lifestyle essential oil user/essential oil educator for a few years now - what can I say, I love 'em

But before I was introduced to dōTERRA, I didn't realize that there is a BETTER way than getting over-the-counter essential oils at the local health store. Way better.

Like, way way waaaaaaay better.

Like save-you-money-and-uplevel-your-health-and-change-your-life-FOREVER-better.

What I'm talking about isn't some magical super-secret health coaches-only club - how I get my essential oils is accessible to EVERYONE. And that means you!

Read on, and let me show you how you can get your hands on Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils - the smart way. 🙌🏼🌿💦✨

Get Essential Oils - the Smart Way! AKA How I Got Started With dōTERRA Essential Oils And You Should, Too

2 Ways to get dōTERRA essential oils

There are two ways you can get dōTERRA essential oils - the first I recommend for people who are just dipping their toes in the water (erm...I mean, oils). I invite those who are take their health seriously to choose the second option.

1. Retail

Option number one: you can get dōTERRA essential oils at retail price.

Which, is cool, I guess...if you like paying full-price. #notme

If you're a "I dunno about this hippy dippy shit" skeptic and you just want to try one essential oil one time...I get it. Retail is for you.

But if you are like me, keep reading - it gets better!

2. Wholesale
Or, How I Get My dōTERRA Essential Oils!

The dōTERRA Wholesale Account is where it's at

As a lifestyle user, a dōTERRA Wholesale Membership is what makes the most sense for me!

Not only do I use essential oils for emotional aromatherapy in my integrative health coaching practice, but I use them for all sorts of things! 

Rather than buying stuff at the store, I now using dōTERRA essential oils to DIY a lot of things: natural skincare, homemade spa products, nontoxic household cleaners, air fresheners, and more! 

This saves me SO much money! And, I also avoid the risks that come with using toxic, carcinogenic-filled products you'd typically find at the store.

To get started with a wholesale membership you can...

  • Pay a one-time $35 enrollment fee OR

  • OR get started with an enrollment kit and get the $35 fee waived.

SIGN UP WITH AN ENROLLMENT KIT. You'll thank me later.

Starting with an enrollment kit is hands-down the best way to get started with essential oils.

Not only is the $35 enrollment fee waived, but you'll get a special kit designed to meet your needs at a great discount!

When I started out, I chose the Natural Solutions kit - this is the perfect kit for jumping into a more natural lifestyle!

Click on the picture above to check it out: the Natural Solutions Kit includes a bunch of great essential oils, a diffuser, natural supplements, and some great nontoxic wellness products to get you started. It was the perfect kit for me.

dōTERRA offers enrollment kits to meet any needs!

If you are...

  • Looking for natural support for your family's health? Get the Family Wellness Kit.

  • Ready to take control of your emotional health? Start with the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit.

  • Wanting to reset your gut health? Choose the Cleanse & Restore Kit.

  • A spa or wellness professional? Get started with the AromaTouch Diffused Kit.

  • Ready to jump all-in? Enroll with the Every oil Kit.

It's that easy. 

If you want to get started with dōTERRA essential oils, there's an enrollment kit for you!

Still not ready to dive in? Read on for 6 reasons why a dōTERRA wholesale account is the smart way to get essential oils, natural supplements, and wellness lifestyle products.


Here's a nifty infographic showing the perks that come with a dōTERRA Wholesale Membership! Basically, when it comes to benefits, Wholesale beats Retail 5-0!

Here's a nifty infographic showing the perks that come with a dōTERRA Wholesale Membership! Basically, when it comes to benefits, Wholesale beats Retail 5-0!

1. 25% off Discount With a wholesale membership, you automatically get 25% off dōTERRA essential oils, plus even bigger discounts on wellness supplements and nontoxic lifestyle products!

2. dōTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program If you order regularly (like I do), dōTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program is totally worth it! Every time I place an order, I get up to 30% of my purchase back in points that are redeemable at dollar value when I order essential oils!

3. Shipping Rewards Every time I have an order shipped to me, I get credited with points for every dollar I spend on shipping - more free essential oils and lifestyle products for me!

4. Free Products dōTERRA has a FREE product of the month! If my order qualifies, I can get an additional freebie with my order.

5. Exclusive Deals Wholesale members can access exclusive deals, including steep discounts on supplements (not available to retail consumers) and seasonal promotions.

6. Earn Compensation With a dōTERRA Wholesale Membership, I can tap into dōTERRA's unique compensation plan - it's like an affiliate/referral program, but better! When I love something I naturally want to share it with others, and with dōTERRA's compensation plan I get rewarded for sharing. How that all works merits its own blog post (coming soon). 😉 

Ok...there's actually 7 reasons a dōTERRA Wholesale Account is pretty rad. This next one is kind of a bonus!

After becoming a Wholesale Member, the annual renewal fee for a wholesale membership is $25. This renewal fee comes with a FREE bottle of Peppermint essential oil, one of dōTERRA's most popular essential oils, which retails at $27.33 - so, you get your money's worth, and then some! How cool is that?!

This all sounds great, right?

But wait - there's more!

After you get your essential oils, I'm not going to leave you high and dry!

When you enroll with a dōTERRA Wholesale Membership, you get access to my private Facebook community, useful resources, and free educational events and webinars! 

Also, I offer a free health consultation to those who start off with an enrollment kit!



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