Doing Whole30? Here are 15 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow!
15 Whole30 Instagram Accounts To Follow Pinterest

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Instagram: the ultimate whole30 support squad

When I did my first Whole30, I turned to social media for support. Just because I was doing a "lone wolf" Whole30 (meaning no one was doing it with me), I didn't have to feel alone.

Instagram was a powerful way for me to connect with other Whole30ers and share my experience.

Below are fifteen of my favorite Whole30-related Instagram accounts I discovered while doing the program. Trust me - if you're getting ready to do a Whole30, you'll want some Whole30 #foodporn and inspo popping up in your news feed to help keep you motivated! Give these accounts a follow!

Do you follow someone who you think should make this list? Hit me up in the comments - I'm always on the lookout for great Instagram accounts to follow!

**DISCLAIMER: If you are doing Whole30, never assume that something you find on the internet and social media claiming to be Whole30 compliant is Whole30 compliant - do your homework! Refer to the Whole30 Program Rules to determine if something is appropriate while you are doing Whole30.**

1. @whole30

The official Whole30 account is a good place to start! This is THE place to go for everything Whole30 and stay up to speed on the latest and greatest.

2. @whole30recipes

The official Whole30 recipe Instagram! Beautiful food pics, featuring recipes crafted by professional chefs and Whole30 partners.

3. @whole30approved

You definitely want to follow this feed! You'll stay updated on Whole30 compliant brands and partners, PLUS they do some awesome giveaways - no lie, I won one of their giveaways once and scored some GOCHOMPS snack sticks!

4. @melissa_hartwig

Melissa Hartwig, NY Times bestselling author and Whole30 founder, serves up some inspiration, foodspiration, and fitspiration, along with healthy doses of tough love. She's also now on Snapchat, if you're into that! ;)

5. @wholespirit

Not only is Bryanna's Instagram overflowing with gorgeous food pics, she also uses it to share her story. Here's a tidbit from one of her posts:


I wanted to shared my#IAmWhole30 story with you all, with the hopes that it inspires some of you to nourish & take care of your body ☺️💗
This is a photo of me in the hospital right before my first corrective hip surgery about 8 months ago. At the time, I was on a plethora of pain & anti-inflammatory medications + constantly feeling sick, having digestive problems, & not eating enough. I got down to my lowest weight since battling anorexia: 100lbs. I wasn't nourishing my body, I was in pain, & my stress was through the roof.
I was looking for a way to feel good again & to take care of my body. It came to my attention that in order to heal my body after surgery, I had to nourish it. I had to nurture my body & give it everything I needed to build strength. So enter @whole30!
During those 30 days, I learned to nourished myself. The side effects from surgery & medication began to fade: no more clumps of hair after a shower + constantly sickness + lack of appetite + fatigue. During the 30 days, I was able to stop taking ALL medication for my hips. It was the push my body needed to heal after the surgeries & malnourishment that came with it.
Now, I'm so grateful. I continue eating @whole30 almost everyday because it has made such a difference in my life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to heal, @whole30
! 💗💗💗


A photo posted by nomnompaleo (@nomnompaleo) on

6. @nomnompaleo

This is the feed of self-proclaimed "food nerd," Michelle Tam. She also happens to be the author of a best-selling cookbook (the New York Times calls her "the Martha Stewart of paleo"). You'll find a lot of beautiful paleo dishes, many which are Whole30 compliant. The Nom Nom Paleo website is also a great resource - check out the Cracklin' Chicken recipe, it's one of my favorites!

7. @epicureannie

Annabelle's Whole30 story is one of transformation - shifting her relationship with food helped her lose over 140 lbs! Her profile is the perfect mix of tasty food pics and positivity.

8. @thewholesmiths

Meet Michelle, the woman behind The Whole Smiths! Her bio proclaims "Let's make this world a better place to eat!" and her feed does just that. 😛

Check out this Whole30-compliant latte recipe, pictured here!

A photo posted by Sarah (@theevergreendiaries) on

9. @theevergreendiaries

Sarah's food-filled feed definitely does not disappoint. Her feed of perfectly-plated/on-white/monogrammed-mug aesthetic food pics shows that life after Whole30 is anything but bland. 👌

10. @dirtytowhole30

Running and food enthusiast Marissa Medranda is #boutthatwhole30life, and her Instagram will make you want to be too! Her recipes and Whole30 food pics are bound to give you some #foodspiration!

A photo posted by Teri Turner (@nocrumbsleft) on

11. @nocrumbsleft

Not only does Teri Turner, the curator of @nocrumbsleft, have great taste, but she is also a food columnist at HuffPost Taste! Dig into to her feed for all sorts of tasty morsels.


Paleo Paparazzi is one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow! Her recipes are super creative and fun, and her food photography is mouth-watering!


Caroline, mom of two, Instagram is all about two of my favorite things: healthy food and green living! You'll find all sorts of Whole30-friendly food ideas and nontoxic lifestyle inspiration!

A photo posted by @paleobailey on

14. @paleobailey

When it comes to transformations, Bailey's story is truly inspiring! A nursing student set on healing her body from the inside out, Bailey shows how discipline, self-love, and Whole30 can be life-changing!

15. @happyhealthyjoe

And, can't forget me! Not everything on my feed is Whole30-compliant (life after Whole30, I am pretty picky about my food but will treat myself occasionally), but there is a lot that is! You'll find food pics, quotes, the occasional selfie, and good vibes ALWAYS! 😎

Doing Whole30? Tag me in your food pics! I want to see what's on your plate and am here to cheer you on!


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