Paleo By Maileo: Paleo Food Delivery (A Review)

Hewie loves when I get packages in the mail almost much as I do, and this most recent package from Paleo by Maileo didn't disappoint either of us! 🐶❤️ 

I was first introduced to Paleo by Maileo when I did a round of Whole30 in January 2017. As an entrepreneur that now lives between two cities, when it comes to stocking up on food I find myself spending less time at the grocery store and more time online. It's easier, it's more convenient, and - a lot of times - it can be more affordable!

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Sun Basket: My New Favorite Meal Delivery Service! (A Review)

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I'll be the first to admit I've tried my fair share of meal delivery services.

I can also honestly say I've been disappointed in my fair share of meal delivery services.

But, I've finally found a food delivery service that

  • delivers on its promises
  • uses high-quality, organic, and Paleo-friendly ingredients that I would use myself
  • I am confident in recommending to my health coaching clients and sharing with you!
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