Recipe: 3-Ingredient Homemade Hemp Milk

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I've been dairy-free for nearly 5 years now! 

When I first ventured into the dairy-free realm, my main dairy alternative was always almond milk! I still enjoy almond milk, but have discovered that there are options that are more sustainable and nutritious. One of them is hemp milk!

One thing that makes hemp milk so easy to make is that you don't have to strain the milk for it to be useable - with a high-power blender (like a Blendtec) you can pulverize the seeds to point where the end result is creamy and smooth without straining!

This also means that you get all of the benefits of consuming whole hemp seeds - compared to other seeds, hemp is higher in protein, higher in omegas, and lower in carbohydrates. Hemp also contains magnesium, fiber, iron, zinc, and phosphorous, and compounds that have been shown to help with cholesterol, inflammation, skin and hair health, balancing hormones, and heart health.

Plus, I love the flavor and the consistency! It's super creamy and slightly nutty, making it a perfect pairing with espresso, grain-free granola, smoothies, and adaptogenic lattes.

Scroll down for the recipe!

3-Ingredient Homemade Hemp Milk Recipe | Happy Healthy Joe | Certified Integrative Health Coach

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  • 1 cup hemp seeds (I love Manitoba Harvest because of the quality and sourcing)

  • 3 cups filtered water

  • a pinch of Himalayan pink salt



  1. Combine all ingredients and blend in your Blendtec for 90 seconds.

  2. Voila! That's it! Pour into a glass container and store in the fridge. Because this is a raw seed milk, a batch will last around 4 days - possibly longer, but I usually go through mine before then!

I like mine plain, but you can add a sweetener if you like (monkfruit, honey, maple syrup, dates). You can also add vanilla, cacao, cinnamon, and/or adaptogens to experiment with different flavors and benefits!